Fully Decentralized Token
that’s ‘Bad as Can’ .
Move over Dogecoin,
BeetCoin is coming for ya

What is BeetCoin?

BeetCoin (ticker symbol $BEET) is a cryptocurrency created by the man himself…Beetlejuice. 

What’s the overall goal?
Become a BeetCoin Millionaire and be a part of the growing coin ecosystem. 

You automatically earn dollar Rewards just by owning BeetCoin. Get a cuppa coins and support Beet.

Beet, what’s your favorite number?


Total Supply

How to Buy: BeetCoin


BeetCoin can be purchased on
It's easy to get a cuppa coins. Debit & Credit cards accepted!


Click the "Buy BeetCoin" button below to be taken to the purchase page.


You can also visit , go to "Discover Coins", and search for "BEET"



Marketing Strategy

The man himself will promote and market BeetCoin wherever possible.  This includes appearances, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more.  Beet is dedicated to growing BeetCoin.

Community Driven

This is a token for the community.
We encourage BeetCoin holders to
be active and openly discuss BeetCoin
and all things Beetlejuice.

Join the SubReddit at:

Earn $ Rewards

BeetCoin holders automatically earn free Rally coin just for owning and holding onto BeetCoin.  Rally is currently traded on Coinbase.  You can convert your Rally coin to USD at any time!

Get a real BeetCoin

Beetlejuice has minted 500 metallic BeetCoins.  

You can get a real BeetCoin on the BeetCoin

purchase page on


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